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Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness

  • Even in the best-funded, most mature organizations, there are information gaps in knowing what the current state is and what it should be. This is where situational awareness becomes a necessity to guide critical decision-making.
  • Arm your organization with the latest development in the cyber threat landscape and understand its impact to your business.
  • Intelligence provided guides executives with investment and other resourcing decisions.

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Attack Surface Discovery

Real-time continuous monitoring to identify shadow IT or porous systems which can be accessed by cybercriminals​

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Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerabilities are mapped to assets and associated exploits and ranked based on criticality

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Digital Risk Discovery

Unveil digital footprints and cases of impersonation to provide clarity on data leaks, breaches, and more across deep/dark/surface web and social media platforms

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Brand Intelligence​

Understand who, why and how your brand is being targeted, get complete view brand infringement

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Situational Awareness

Understand emerging threats, mitigations and potential attack scenarios

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Cyber Intelligence

Dissects a cyberattack campaign to answer WHO, WHY, WHAT, WHEN, HOW of a cyberattack campaign in making​

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Early Warning

Receive alerts on cyberattacks targeting you and know exactly the actions needed to avert a cyber event

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Third-Party Risk Monitoring

Provide customers with visibility of their third-party ecosystem e.g. suppliers, channels, partners

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