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Out of Band Notification: Next Emotet Campaign

Published On : 2020-01-06
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Out of Band Notification: Next Emotet Campaign

As of December 25, CYFIRMA Threat Intelligence team had gathered indicators suggesting that a new wave of the notorious Emotet malware may strike Japan during the year end and the early days of 2020.

CTI has deduced that this campaign is motivated by financial gains and is looking to target Japanese companies, government entities and individual alike. The malware is looking to steal sensitive data, including financial details, login credentials, and address books, and is capable of moving laterally while opening channels to communicate back with its command and control server.

CYFIRMA Risk Rating for this Out of Band Notification was: HIGH

CTI advised the organizations to take precautionary measures as discussed in the following report, including the feeding of the reported IOCs to their own security controls for monitoring and blocking.

If you would like to read the report, please take a moment to complete the following form.

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