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CYFIRMA Named by Aspioneer Amongst “10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solution Providers, 2019”

Published On : 2019-10-25
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CYFIRMA Named by Aspioneer Amongst “10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solution Providers, 2019”

CYFIRMA has been listed as part of the “10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solution Providers, 2019” by Aspioneer, an influential online magazine specializing in authoritative business themed content. This recognition adds to a string of similar awards and appreciation received by CYFIRMA in 2019, and its growing brand recognition as a truly global start-up, aiming to disrupt the cybersecurity market.

Helping Organizations Secure their Cyber Posture with CAP v2.0

CYFIRMA’s proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0 offers organizations comprehensive cyber posture management in compliance with established industry-standard frameworks. Simultaneously, CAP v2.0 is also establishing CYFIRMA’s proficiency in Cyber Threat Visibility & Intelligence, to a prominent client base across Asia, United States, and other emerging markets.

“Looking at the eminent list of awardees, we are very excited to be featured as one of the 10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solution Providers 2019,” said Kumar Ritesh, CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO. “Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence is a new and effective way to elevate and strengthen Cyber Security and Risk Controls. Events such as trade wars, geopolitical supremacy, theft of business secrets, expanding attack surface, and most importantly, the involvement of state sponsored cybercriminals are pushing at the boundaries that are keeping individuals, organizations, and nations safe. This is the right time to integrate Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence into the organization’s Risk Management, Cyber Posture Management, and Regulatory and Compliance functions”, he concluded.

What’s Next for CYFIRMA and CAP v2.0?

CYFIRMA is committed to educating organizations to employ the ‘Outside-In’ approach to cybersecurity, rather than just relying on internally configured security systems. Further to this, CAP v2.0, with real-time insights into emerging threats, attack motives and methods, helps organisations and institutions to decipher the next move of potential cyber-attackers and undertake proactive measures in advance by incorporating cyber threat visibility with threat hunting, attribution, automation and orchestration.

Future versions of CAP will continue this path breaking journey of enhancements and breaking new barriers in the predictive cyber security space using threat intelligence. With more endorsements such as the one received from Aspioneer, CYFIRMA is confident of emerging as a top-choice cybersecurity company where predictive threat intelligence is concerned.

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