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CYFIRMA Named Amongst the “Most Valuable Brands of 2019” by IndustryWired

Published On : 2019-12-12
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CYFIRMA Named Amongst the “Most Valuable Brands of 2019” by IndustryWired

IndustryWired, an influential online journal, has selected CYFIRMA as part of its prestigious listing of the “Most Valuable Brands of 2019.” CYFIRMA is excited to be featured in this select class and advances its impressive record of winning similar recognition and awards in 2019.

Read CYFIRMA CEO and Chairman, Kumar Ritesh’s interview with IndustryWired, here:

Predictive Digital Risk Management with CYFIRMA

The current global cybersecurity landscape is saturated with advanced solutions, yet the threat actors they are defending against are equally tenacious, resourceful and innovative. CYFIRMA helps organizations in unravelling cyber risks and threats in their security landscape with predictive threat visibility and intelligence, thereby ensuring that organizations are proactive and prepared for surprisethreat attacks aimed at their infrastructure, or reputation.

“We are very excited to be featured as one of the Most Valuable Brands of 2019,” said Kumar Ritesh. “Recognition such as this helps CYFIRMA stand apart and highlights what we are doing differently in the cybersecurity space.” Elaborating further, he noted “Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence is a new and effective way to elevate and strengthen Cyber Security and Risk Controls. Our proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0 allows organizations to employ proactive and predictive cyber threat intelligence and identify threat indicators to model plausible outcomes. As a market leader, CYFIRMA is encouraging organizations to integrate predictive intelligence into their Risk Management, Cyber Posture Management, and Regulatory and Compliance functions.”

CAP v2.0 is establishing CYFIRMA’s proficiency in Cyber Threat Visibility & Intelligence, to a prominent client base across Asia, United States, and other emerging markets.

Know more about CAP v2.0:

Kumar Ritesh offers a detailed view into the shortcomings witnessed in the global cyber threat intelligence market, and highlights CYFIRMA’s unique offerings and positioning in this segment. These insights are part of Kumar Ritesh’s interview with IndustryWired and can be sourced here:

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