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CYFIRMA Launches its Proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP v2.0)

Published On : 2019-07-25
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CYFIRMA Launches its Proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP v2.0)
SINGAPORE and TOKYO, July 25, 2019 ( – CYFIRMA, a market leader in predictive cyber threat visibility and intelligence, announces the launch of cloud-based Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0. CYFIRMA, using its proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, helps organizations to unravel cyber risks, threats and enable proactive cyber posture management.
CAP effectively identifies potential threats at the planning stage of cyber-attack, provides deep insights into the cyber threat landscape, amplifies preparedness by providing predictive, relevant, and prioritized cyber threat visibility and intelligence.
CAP enables organizations with:
  • Proactive and Predictive cyber threat intelligence
  • Early identification of potential threats
  • Threat hunting and correlation
  • Rich situational awareness
  • Digital risk management
  • Intelligence driven incident response
  • Contextual risk assessment and scoring
  • Real-time multi-layered intelligence and dashboard

Powered by real-time aggregation, correlation, and analysis of threat information from diverse sources, CAP delivers prescriptive intelligence by detecting threat indicators, performing probability modelling to understand likelihood, severity, the impact of potential indicators and providing most effective recommendations.

Introducing CAP v2.0 modules:

  • Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence – Comprehensive multi-dimensional strategic, management and tactical intelligence, insights and latest cyber threats applicable to an organization, industry, and geography
  • Cyber Situational Awareness – Real-time cyber insights, trends, latest cyber news, technology, and regulatory changes, emerging cyber-attacks, vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Cyber Incident Analytics – Analysis of malicious files and automatic correlation with threat landscape to present affiliations to any threat actors, campaigns and indicators


Kumar Ritesh, Chairman, and CEO, CYFIRMA.

“We are excited in commencing the next stage of our journey with the release of CAP v2.0 to our clients and partners. Using CAP, organizations and institutions can undertake proactive measures by incorporating cyber threat visibility with threat hunting, attribution, automation, and orchestration. Our goal is to achieve truly predictive threat visibility and intelligence capability, and seamlessly integrate intelligence into all functions of an organization’s cyber posture.” – Kumar Ritesh, Chairman, and CEO, CYFIRMA.

For additional details or to enroll your organization into CAP v2.0, reach us HERE.
More about the Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) from our ‘Products & Services’ page:

About CYFIRMA: Headquartered in Singapore and Tokyo, CYFIRMA is a cybersecurity company that provides Cyber Threat Visibility & Intelligence products and services by aggregating, correlating and analysing threat information from thousands of sources using proprietary ML/AI enabled Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform.

CYFIRMA is funded by Goldman Sachs and Zodius Capital.

Official websites: and

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