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CYFIRMA is Featured in ICE71’s latest Singapore Cybersecurity Startup

Published On : 2020-01-03
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CYFIRMA is Featured in ICE71’s latest Singapore Cybersecurity Startup

CYFIRMA has been chosen by the Innovation Cybersecurity Ecosystem at ICE71 to feature in its latest Singapore Cybersecurity Startup Map. This map is an authoritative outlook into the cybersecurity landscape in Singapore and recognizes startups based off their expertise in individual sub-domains of the overall cybersecurity vertical. CYFIRMA is listed under the following categories:

  • Security Operations and Incident Response
  • Threat and Vulnerability Management

Check out the Singapore Cybersecurity Startup Map:

CYFIRMA is excited that its unparalleled cyber threat visibility and intelligence suite of product and services is getting noticed and acknowledged. Especially, we are glad that the growing role of our proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0, in offering relevant and prioritized cyber threat insights to organizations and institutions, thereby ensuring that their cybersecurity posture is up-to-date, resilient and ready against upcoming cyber-attacks, is being noted by influential entities like ICE71.

About ICE71

ICE71 is a cybersecurity startup and entrepreneur hub founded in 2018. ICE71 aims to strengthen Singapore’s growing cybersecurity ecosystem by developing and accelerating cybersecurity startups from early stage to late stages.
Visit website | View Singapore Cybersecurity Startup Map

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