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CYFIRMA announces its separation from Antuit Group and consolidates its intelligence driven product offering

Published On : 2019-10-23
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CYFIRMA announces its separation from Antuit Group and consolidates its intelligence driven product offering

22 October 2019, SINGAPORE/TOKYO–CYFIRMA, a predictive cyber threat visibility and intelligence analytics platform company, backed by Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division and Zodius Capital, announces its separation from Antuit Group, receives additional funding towards its growth aspirations.CYFIRMA helps organisations to keeptheir cybersecurity posture up-to-date, resilient, and ready against upcoming attacks, through the use of proprietary AI/ML deep technology.

Over the last two decades,cybersecurity landscape has evolved, yetsecurity processes and controls have failed to integrate an“Outside-in” view. Generally, there is a lack of deep insights and contextual intelligence around cyber events, threats and risks. The integration of intelligence into all verticals of cyber posture management is missing.

To address these industry challenges, CYFIRMA was founded two years ago to help organisations understand holistic view of current threat landscape – threat actors to IOCs journey, insights into new emerging threats and digital risks; situational awareness of global and local cyber events; and automatically apply intelligence into cyber posture management.

Kumar Ritesh, Chairman and CEO of CYFIRMA, says, “CYFIRMA has earned a reputation as a market leader, grown its revenue base, and acquired global customers. Recently, we have successfullyraised additional capitalwhich will enable us to hire key resources, carry out market expansion and invest further in product engineering.”

“CYFIRMA has a unique standing in global cybersecurity and threat intelligence markets,” comments Neeraj Bhargava, Senior Managing Director and Founder, Zodius Capital. “Since 2017, Antuit has incubated CYFIRMA which has been mutually beneficial, creating value and shareholder interest in the entity. It is timely now for CYFIRMA to become a separate entity. We have invested in CYFIRMA’s unique intelligence driven approach, technology, andreal-world benefits organisations can receive. We will continue supporting CYFIRMA to realise its true global potential.”

As the founder of CYFIRMA, Riteshhas a strong track record of developing successful cybersecurity strategies, products, policies, standards, and solutions, in addition to running complex cybersecurity programs. He helped create company’s award-winning, cloud-based, Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0, which is used by several Fortune 500 companies.

Ritesh says, “CYFIRMA providesmulti-layered, real-time insights covering the broadest cyberintelligence use cases in the market. We effectively identify potential threats in their planning stage,provide deep insights into the cyber threat landscape, and amplify preparedness powered by predictivecyber threat visibility and intelligence.”

CYFIRMA’s CAP v2.0 addresses industry challenges by providing:

  • Proactive, predictive, real-time and multi-layered intelligence including – Strategic (WHO and WHY), Management (WHAT and WHEN) and Operational (HOW) intelligence
  • Real-time threat insights, visibility, and situational awareness
  • Early indicators about potential threats
  • A single tool for threat hunting and correlation
  • Contextual risk assessment and scoring to help organisations prioritize cyber risks to external threat landscape
  • An ability to integrate cyber threat intelligence into existing cyber risk management functions

CYFIRMA’s CAP v2.0 picks-up the most ambiguous threat indicators and associates them to known and unknown cyber risks.Thisenables organisations to make informed decisions to prioritise cyber investment, resources, and initiatives.

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Press Release Media contact: Yusuke Tateno, CYFIRMA, [email protected]

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