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CYFIRMA and NForce Secure Poised to Deliver Predictive Cyber Intelligence Using Innovative External Threat Landscape Management Strategies to Thai Market

Published On : 2022-01-19
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CYFIRMA and NForce Secure Poised to Deliver Predictive Cyber Intelligence Using Innovative External Threat Landscape Management Strategies to Thai Market

CYFIRMA and NForce Secure Poised to Deliver Predictive Cyber Intelligence Using Innovative External Threat Landscape Management Strategies to Thai Market


SINGAPORE/BANGKOK, THAILAND, Jan 18, 2022 — As part of its market expansion plan, CYFIRMA, an external threat management landscape platform, funded by Goldman Sachs, Zodius Capital and Z3Partners, today announced its new strategic partnership with NForce Secure Public Company Limited, a leading information technology distributor listed in the Thailand Stock Exchange (Stock Quote: SECURE).

With a robust portfolio of innovative cybersecurity solutions, NForce Secure offers the most advanced security controls technology to enterprises in Thailand. Its suite of software and products which include data center security, network security, advanced threat detection, data security, legacy modernization, data analytics and conversion of bug data into security intelligence will now be complemented with CYFIRMA’s cyber-intelligence modules under its flagship product brands ‘DeCYFIR’ and ‘DeTCT’.

The DeCYFIR platform helps organizations identify potential threats at the early stage of cyberattacks. Developed with the unique capabilities of providing six threat views on a single pane of glass, DECYFIR will offer the Thai market a first-ever external threat landscape platform that can predict impending cyberattacks. Customers will have the ability to uncover their attack surfaces, gain insights to their vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, monitor their digital risk profiles, acquire cyber situational awareness, and equip them with predictive and personalized cyber-intelligence not just for their own digital assets but also that of their third-party suppliers and partners.

The DeTCT platform offers digital risk discovery and protection to small and medium enterprises. With the partnership, DeTCT will protect Thai businesses from cyber threats 24/7 by proactively monitoring for digital risk exposure. DeTCT will allow businesses to be alerted on their potential attack surfaces, check if their data or credentials has been breached or leaked, uncover executive impersonation and brand infringement on social media, surface web and dark web. DeTCT will also secure Thai customers’ digital ecosystem and give them visibility to third-party cyber risk.

Adding DeCYFIR and DeTCT to NForce Secure’s suite of cybersecurity offerings will help customers in Thailand deal with cyber threats and be better prepared to stave off impending cyberattacks. Insights gathered and analyzed from DeCYFIR and DeTCT will provide businesses with predictive intelligence and have been designed to help CEOs and CISOs improve their cyber and risk posture.

“At NForce Secure, we embrace emerging technologies that help redefine the future of technology distribution. We bring the best-in-class global brands to suit the constantly changing needs of our customers in Thailand. CYFIRMA’s external threat management landscape platform shows the market an innovative way of managing cyber threats from the ‘outside-in’ and it is this mindset which we find particularly valuable in these uncertain times. We look forward to bringing the intelligence-driven approach of cybersecurity to businesses in Thailand,” Mark Nakrop Niamnamtham, CEO, NForce Secure Public Company Limited.

“The increase in cybercrime during the pandemic has forced many organizations to move quickly to evolve their cybersecurity strategies amidst growing challenges. Their evolving business needs mean that they require a platform that is best-in-class and agile in threat management. Going into 2022 with this new partnership with NForce Secure, Thai enterprises will be armed with DeCYFIR and DeTCT, to help give them the right protection needed to fend off cybercriminals,” Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO, CYFIRMA. “NForce Secure has deep knowledge in the Thai market and expertise in cybersecurity solutions, which should prove to be a great accelerator for our market expansion plans.”


ABOUT NForceSecure

Established in 2005, NForce Secure is a Thai value-added specialty distributor of IT Security, Information Management and Network Solutions. It has more than 10 years of channel and distribution experience with sales resources in Thailand. NForce Secure is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and offers a diverse portfolio of security technologies and delivers advanced software and products for Thai businesses. NForce Secure leads the Thai market to embrace emerging technologies – helping to redefine the future of technology distribution.

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CYFIRMA is an external threat landscape management platform company. We combine cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery and digital risk protection to deliver predictive, personalized, contextual, outside-in, and multi-layered insights. We harness our cloud-based AI and ML-powered analytics platform to help organizations proactively identify potential threats at the planning stage of cyberattacks. Our unique approach of providing the hacker’s view and deep insights into the external cyber landscape has helped clients prepare for upcoming attacks.

CYFIRMA works with many Fortune 500 companies. The company has offices located in the USA, EU, Japan, Singapore,  and India.

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