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CISO MAG Features Interview with CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO, Kumar Ritesh

Published On : 2020-01-07
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CISO MAG Features Interview with CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO, Kumar Ritesh

Recently, CISO MAG’s online portal featured an insightful interview with CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO, Kumar Ritesh, detailing the nuances of the ever changing global cyber security scene, and CYFIRMA’s unique positioning in this dynamic domain. Detailed insights offered by Ritesh include the current issues with popular Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence Programs, and how CYFIRMA is working towards curbing these industry gaps by offering solutions that emphasis on the 3 layers of Cyber Intelligence (Strategic, Tactical and Management) and the “4 Ws and a H” that are the hallmark of an ideal Cyber Intelligence Program, suitable for the evolving threat landscape of 2020.

“Effective and timely use of cyber threat visibility and Intelligence Program can enable organisation to better prepare and respond against changing cyber threat landscape” Ritesh noted. “Thank you CISO MAG and EC-Council for covering CYFIRMA.”

Read Ritesh’s interview with CISO MAG, here:

CYFIRMA at the CISO MAG Summit & Awards Asia Pacific 2019

Last year, Kumar Ritesh- a prominent figure in the global cybersecurity scene for well over two decades- was a speaker at the CISO MAG Summit & Awards Asia Pacific 2019. He highlighted CYFIRMA’s proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0 at the event, and its placement as the flagship of the company’s Cyber Threat Visibility & Intelligence products and services offering.


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CYFIRMA Chairman and CEO Kumar Ritesh’s interview with CISO MAG

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