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Someone in your company gets an email. It looks legitimate — but with one click on a link, or one download of an attachment, everyone is locked out of your network. Yup, you just got hit by ransomware.

To build greater cyber resilience, better yet, to ensure you don’t get hacked, you need a new approach to mitigating emerging threats. An approach where you are not playing the catch-up game but equipped with the capabilities to gain the upper hand against the unseen enemy.

Take this ETLM quiz to understand if you need to move your cyber posture management from a reactive to proactive mode.

Change the Game Win the war against your cyber adversaries

The Neuro-center of Cyber Defense​

The Next Generation of Threat Intelligence

CYFIRMA’s ETLM model provides visibility across all parts of an organization, from risk management to IoC (indicators of compromise) ingestion in a multi-layered approach. This provides actionable insights at every level of the organization, from senior leadership to operation teams to facilitate key activities from strategic planning to tactical execution. Insights provided by CYFIRMA’s platform, are categorized into 3 key areas


Focuses on long-term implications for an organization. For instance, it provides the ability to effect change in a company’s risk registry and regulatory framework to ensure compliance.


Uncovers trends and approaches to support cybersecurity planning.


Allows teams to focus on tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of the adversary and examines IoCs to carry out immediate remediation steps and tactical execution.

More commonly, cyber intelligence solutions and services provide only tactical intelligence. However, ETLM allows organizations to gain insights across all three key categories of intelligence. This enables insights to be viewed in totality to enable an organization to make informed decisions and direct scarce cybersecurity resources to mitigate risk according to the severity of the threat.​ ​

The ETLM model follows the NIST framework and can be put into practice by both business and technology leaders.

See from hackers' view​

  • Visibility Support and communication to senior leadership.
  • Protect attack surface from hacker’s recon’ exercise.
  • Vulnerability Intelligence for vulnerability Management/prioritisation.
  • Digital Risk (Impersonated domain/ data leak)​.

Know your enemy​

  • Advise security teams based on Campaigns Tracked.
  • Search And Analyse Hacker Profiles.
  • Analysing targeted Campaigns On The Dark Web​.

Intelligence Hunting​

  • IoC Feeds used by TAs targeting your industry.
  • Threat hunting based on detected indicators.
  • Visibility into Malware Targeting Geography, Industry And Technology​.

The Future is Now​

The neuro-center of cyber-defense guides risk mitigation strategies and enables seamless integration into security toolsets to strengthen cyber posture.​

  • Can you identify your organization’s external threats?
  • How confident are you that your current threat intelligence is effective in defending your critical infrastructures?
  • Are your threat intelligence tools integrated and operating seamlessly to provide complete visibility of your digital footprint?
  • What impact do geopolitical developments have on your cyber risks?
  • Will your recent digital projects introduce cyber risks to your business?​

Speak to CYFIRMA and start using the ETLM model to build your threat intelligence capabilities.​

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