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Understanding the Japanese Cyber Threat Landscape and Corresponding Defensive Strategies: Preview of CYFIRMA’s Keynote Lecture at Security Days 2019

Published On : 2019-02-25
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Understanding the Japanese Cyber Threat Landscape and Corresponding Defensive Strategies: Preview of CYFIRMA’s Keynote Lecture at Security Days 2019

As part of the ‘Security Days Spring 2019’, scheduled from 6th through 8th March 2019 at the JP Tower, Tokyo- a coming together of the global cybersecurity fraternity- CYFIRMA’s Chairman & CEO, Kumar Ritesh, will conduct a keynote lecture echoing the importance of Cyber threat intelligence based countermeasures that can be employed against hackers targeting organizations and institutions in Japan and across the world.

This lecture is slated to offer a high-level view of the cybersecurity trends in 2019. Registrations are open. To signup for the event and source additional details visit:

Attendees can expect a wealth of information, veritable insights into the workings of the modern day hacking machinery, as disclosed by one of the most prominent and reputed figures in the global cybersecurity landscape. As an entrée, herein is a sample of topics that will be explored:

  • Background of malicious intent towards Japanese organizations: A strategic overview of the threat landscape that is bearing down on the Japanese organizations, institutions and public entities.
  • Threat attacks on Japan in 2018: An insightful recap of the threat attacks and actors that wreaked havoc on Japanese organizations and institutions in 2018. Who did what, when, and how?
  • An insight into 2019: Based off CYFIRMA’s Annual Cyber Threat Intelligence report for 2019, explore the potential cyber threats, threat actors, attack types and malicious tools that will impact the Japanese businesses and industrial infrastructure in 2019.
  • Know your enemy: Sounds simple enough but seeped in the cyber threat intelligence routines and the rapidly innovating manners of the average threat actor, knowing the enemy is crucial for any organization that is susceptible to cyberattacks. Kumar Ritesh hopes to reiterate this very basic rule.
  • Introducing the Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0: CYFIRMA’s primary cybersecurity product, CAP is a comprehensive, dashboard driven application that helps organizations identify, understand and mitigate cyber threats that are targeting them.
  • Predicting potential cyber threats tailored to specific organizations with CAP: Kumar Ritesh will expound on the advantages, both in terms of current threat intelligence and understanding of future cyber threat possibilities, when organizations employ CYFIRMA’s CAP application. Importantly, attendees will view the relative ease with which potentially harmful cyberattacks towards specific organizations can be anticipated and shielded against.
  • Success stories, the positive impact of CAP with existing clients: Understand the nuances of the fully kitted Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) by way of examples from CYFIRMA’s existing clients, and specifically, the unique conditions presented by individual industries that our clients are nestled under.
  • LIVE demonstration of the aforementioned Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2: Deep dive into the sophisticated UI that will help your organization identify its cyber enemies, their attack methodologies, the malicious tools they will likely use, and a plethora of similar details.
  • Case Study: How a prominent Japanese manufacturing conglomerate used and benefitting from CAP, thanks to a set of advanced and sophisticated use cases.
  • Explore the CYFIRMA Ecosystem: A detailed analysis of how, CYFIRMA and its esteemed business partners can improve, streamline and future-proof your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Join up to know more. For details, visit:

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