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CYFIRMA’s CTI and CTV Offerings Put the ‘Customer First’ and Embraces a Dynamic Approach to Cybersecurity

Published On : 2019-03-29
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CYFIRMA’s CTI and CTV Offerings Put the ‘Customer First’ and Embraces a Dynamic Approach to Cybersecurity

Today, organizations cannot rely on just basic tools like antivirus and firewalls to ensure complete protection from threat actors and the ever evolving cyberattacks. A static approach, one where security systems are waiting to detect an ongoing attack, tackle it, and hopefully mitigate it, renders critical systems and sensitive information at constant risk. Further, leading to financial and reputational loss.

CYFIRMA’s Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and Cyber Threat Visibility (CTV) offerings put the ‘customer first’ and offer highly relevant, pointed and customized insights on the customer’s individual cybersecurity landscape, alongside a broad snapshot of the latest news and happenings with regards to threat actors and cyberattacks from across geographies.

Let’s begin by understanding what these key concepts are and how CYFIRMA’s CTI and CTV themed products and services are differentiated in this very competitive space.

What is Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)?

Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is an area of cybersecurity that engages in the identification, collection and analysis of information relating to current and probable cyberattacks that are likely to endanger the confidentiality, integrity, and safety of an organization, or its assets.

Threat intelligence is proactive, thereby intercepting cyber threats before they have manifested to causing data breaches and costly damage control measures thereafter. CTI is consumed by organization and institutions to assess the threats posed to them directly, thereby leading into streamlining the cyber security strategies to protect their brand, reputation, business operations, infrastructure, etc. Inputs offered as part of the CYFIRMA’s CTI feeds are actionable, current, and aim to future proof organizations and institutions against similarly recurring risks.

What is Cyber Threat Visibility (CTV)?

Cyber Threat Visibility (CTV) is an essential component of Cybersecurity. CYFIRMA through this service provides visibility on a variety of cyber threats and minimizes the potential impact of a cybersecurity event to organizations and institutions.

Predictive, Relevant and Prioritized: Why CYFIRMA’s CTI and CTV are the difference makers?
As the global cybersecurity landscape is constantly challenged by threat attacks and malicious actors that are continually getting smarter and better at hiding their activity, an organization’s defensive tactics must also evolve and get smarter at an equivalent rate. Herein, CYFIRMA’s CTI and CTV offerings- powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning- offer a distinct edge. Additionally, the following features sets CYFIRMA’s products and services apart from its competition.

Always ‘On’ approach to Threat Intelligence

Traditional vulnerability scans, while potent, leave you in the dark until the next scheduled scan. With CYFIRMA’s proprietary Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP), customers can eliminate the waiting cycle by accessing the latest threat intelligence from a carefully assembled online dashboard.

CTI highlights the threat actors and their malicious activities prevalent in the customer’s cybersecurity landscape. Additionally, it prioritizes vulnerabilities based on risk and lists actionable steps to mitigate the highlighted issues.

With CYFIRMA’s threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment, hints about potential cyberattacks and data breaches based off the initial Indicators of Compromise (IOC) are unearthed. Next, these are tallied with external threat intelligence to offer the customer context, and identify the potential threat actor, attack method and the attacker’s motivation.
Know more about the Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP), HERE.

Deep insights from the Deep/Dark web and hacker forums

With cybercriminals indulging in inventive new malicious strategies like employing threat tools for hire, signing up fellow hackers for big-ticket jobs with professionally compiled contracts, and the growing instances of state sponsored threat attacks, conventional threat intelligence measures may not be able to source the bigger picture and identify these tell-tale signs of a dynamic hacker ecosystem.
CYFIRMA’s expertise in listening into hacker conversations across the deep/dark web, and similarly influential but secretive hacker forums has allowed it to successfully predict emerging trends in cyberattacks and offer substantially more effective techniques to its customers to plug vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity posture and avoid interest from these cybercriminals. In fact, thousands of online sources contribute to CYFIRMA’s intelligence pool.

Highly actionable insights offered as Strategic, Management and Tactical intelligence

CYFIRMA segregates its CTI into strategic, management and tactical intelligence to facilitate role based consumption of these insights. CYFIRMA pays close attention to ensure that the sourced insights be received and digested immediately, while the audience absorbs the intensity of the information at their own comfort levels.
For example, strategic intelligence offers a broad overview of the customer’s threat landscape, without naming threat actors or their attack strategies, and thus, is appreciated by the top management, the CEO and the board, who may not otherwise understand the technicalities involved. Meanwhile, tactical intelligence analyses real-time investigations, events and provides day-to-day operational support. This information is more in line with what a on-the-ground IT team will require to address an incoming threat.

Unparalleled proficiency in early warnings

Importantly, powered by its teams of experienced cybersecurity analysts wielding cutting edge technologies and tools, CYFIRMA boasts of an enviable threat detection rate. In 2018, out of CYFIRMA’s 16 early warnings, 11 were confirmed to be active in the wild. This allows its CTI- a fair mix of predictive and prescriptive insights- to be highly sought after amongst organizations across a wide range of business verticals. In 2019, CYFIRMA’s influence has grown steadily, in Japan- its home base, and elsewhere.

Faster analysis leading to confident responses

Detrimental cyber threats to businesses and institutions have a habit of manifesting rapidly. While organizations banking on the ‘this-cannot-happen-to-us’ logic are left unawares, businesses that subscribe to cyber threat intelligence and cyber threat visibility are employing a proactive approach to emerging threats.
Especially, with CYFIRMA’s CAP, the automation saves on time, allowing for faster analysis of threat intelligence, leading to a more confident response to potential cyberattacks.

Does the CAP sound like an ideal addition to your cybersecurity infrastructure?

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