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CYFIRMA Named in CIOApplications ‘Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies – 2019’

Published On : 2019-03-14
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CYFIRMA Named in CIOApplications ‘Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies – 2019’

TOKYO & SINGAPORE, March 12, 2019- CYFIRMA, a cybersecurity start-up and an industry leader in Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence, has been recognized as one of the “Top 25 Innovative Cybersecurity Companies 2019” by CIOApplications, a technology print magazine based in Florida, US. The recognition is awarded to CYFIRMA for its unparalleled Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence product and services suite, specifically its:

  • Ability to predict attacks that are most likely to occur in an industry and client environment
  • Unique approach to present risks and threat indicators at the planning stage, versus the execution and exploitation phase of a cyber-attack
  • Capability to provide a client-tailored view of cyber threat landscape using three-layered comprehensive cyber intelligence (strategic, management and tactical).

This is CYFIRMA’s first appearance in CIOApplications’ coveted annual list. The companies making up this list are selected by an eminent panel consisting of members of the CIOApplications’ editorial board and industry experts with an aim to recognize and promote innovation and technological entrepreneurship across business verticals.

“We are glad and very excited to be featured as one of the Top 25 innovative Cybersecurity Companies 2019. Thankful to our clients, partners, employees and investors for their continued trust and belief in CYFIRMA,” said Kumar Ritesh, CYFIRMA chairman and CEO. “Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence is not a technical control, it is a business control which should be applied at all levels of organizational governance including an organization’s business drivers, investment decisions, resource planning, strategy, governance, policies, security controls and people.”

The age of random attacks is going away; time is upon us to face planned cyber-attacks. Today, hackers and perpetrators are sponsored to launch innovative and gruesome cyber-attacks against a target while organizations have limited resources. It is the right time to integrate and adopt Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence into an organization’s Information and Cybersecurity functions and Risk Management, Regulatory and Compliance verticals to provide a holistic intelligence-driven approach to cybersecurity.

“CYFIRMA is in the midst of rolling out its proprietary AI/ML-enabled Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform (CAP) v2.0 to customers in Japan and globally. We are committed to helping organizations and institutions to decipher the next move of potential cyber-attackers and undertake proactive measures in advance by incorporating cyber threat visibility with threat hunting, attribution, automation and orchestration to deliver real-time insights into emerging threats, attack motives and methods,” said Kumar Ritesh.

Headquartered in Singapore and Tokyo, CYFIRMA is a cybersecurity company that provides Cyber Threat Visibility and Intelligence products and services by aggregating, correlating and analysing threat information from thousands of sources using its proprietary ML/AI-enabled Cyber Intelligence Analytics Platform. Equipped with CYFIRMA’s relevant and prioritized cyber threat insights, organizations and institutions can keep their cybersecurity posture up-to-date, resilient and ready against upcoming cyber-attacks. View CYFIRMA’s product and services ;

About CIOApplications:
CIOApplications is a technology magazine, published from Florida, US, that is a prime platform for CIOs to discuss innovative enterprise solutions. It is a medium that helps upcoming enterprise IT vendors to engage and showcase their solutions for enterprises. CIOApplications helps technology leaders by providing analysis on new technologies and gives a better understanding of the role that enterprise solutions play in achieving business goals.

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This press release was originally published on March 12, 2019, HERE.

Read the original article from CIOApplications titled ‘CYFIRMA: Delving into the Secrets of the Deep, Dark Web’ featuring our Chairman & CEO, Kumar Ritesh, and exploring CYFIRMA’s unique proficiency in new age cybersecurity strategies.

Download the article here

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